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who we are

In 1933, just as orthopedic surgery was emerging as a medical specialty, Dr. Harry Blair founded the Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic in downtown Portland, Oregon. Dr. Herbert Thatcher joined him in 1935 followed by Dr. Joe Davis in 1939. These men gained a national reputation for their pioneering work in the new field of orthopedics. They began the tradition of teaching, research, and excellence in patient care that has characterized the Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic for over 80 years. In those early days, orthopedic surgery focused more on bracing and casting to straighten and strengthen limbs injured by accident or disease than performing surgical procedures. Patients were often children, many of them crippled by polio.

In the 1940s, Dr. Blair and Dr. Davis left the clinic to serve in World War II. The casualties of that conflict changed orthopedics forever, showing the power of surgery to help and heal the injured. The years since then have seen advances in technology undreamt-of by the first orthopedists: new materials, new techniques, and new understanding of the body and how it works. The future promises continuing advances. Since its founding, doctors at the Orthopedic & Fracture Clinic have cared for more than 500,000 patients. While our name and technology has changed since 1933, the mission of the Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists remains the same:

“To provide skilled, effective, and compassionate orthopedic care, and to maintain the tradition of commitment to the highest professional standards of orthopedic surgery.” 

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