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Sports Medicine

Undergraduate Education
North Dakota State University
-Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
-Minor in Health Science
Continuing Education
Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certified
CPR/AED Certified

Melissa Senn-Reis, ATC

“Growing up in a very small town in North Dakota, I had no idea that athletic trainers existed.  I played basketball in high school and if you got hurt, you went to the doctor.  If you needed to be taped, your coach did it.  My first year of college I was leaning toward physical therapy until someone told me about athletic training, and I was hooked.  As someone with a nurturing personality, helping an injured athlete is a perfect job for me.”

Melissa has had the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages, from middle school to professional. Her first job out of college had her working with a minor league hockey team in Kansas, and from there has worked in Illinois and Iowa before moving to Oregon.  With all of the various athletes she’s worked with, she has found that the high school setting is her favorite.  “High school athletes are a fun population to work with, and they tend to listen better to any advice given to them.”

Melissa joined Orthopedic and Fracture Specialists in February 2015 and has enjoyed every minute of it.  “Everyone at the clinic is great to work with! There is a true sense of camaraderie here, and the physicians are very compassionate with all of their patients.  I feel very fortunate to be a part of the O+FS family.”  Her primary duties for O+FS are ice unit distribution and sports team coverage at Valley Catholic High School. Melissa can also be found covering club volleyball, lacrosse or soccer events in the surrounding communities.

When not at work Melissa enjoys spending time with her two daughters, reading or baking. She also likes taking care of the small zoo that is her home, what with a dog, two cats and a gecko.  “Never a dull moment around the house!”

More About Melissa Senn-Reis

Favorite movie:  any James Bond movie
Favorite book:  any mystery/suspense
Why I live in Portland:  I moved here because of a job, and I stayed because I love it!
How I relax:  I like to read, bake or cross-stitch
My favorite sports moment:  Winning back-to-back championships with the CHL hockey team I traveled with, although my alma mater has won 4 consecutive football titles at the NCAA 1A level, so that ranks up there as well!
The worst injury I ever suffered:  I broke my leg ice skating when I was 7.
When I’m not at work: I like to hang out with my 2 daughters, ages 14 and 10.
Best music to work out to: Anything with a fast tempo!
I’d be lost without:  My girls and my Kindle!
Best advice I ever got: Drive the ditches, they’re safer!

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