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Sports Medicine

Undergraduate Education
George Fox University, Portland, OR
-B.A. Athletic Training

Tristan Fujita, ATC, OTC

For Tristan, her love of athletic training began in high school. She knew she wanted to work in the medical field, but also loved sports, so it was a natural fit. She was very involved in sports throughout her youth and suffered a few injuries that allowed her exposure to her athletic trainer. “I loved that there was an option outside of having someone tell me to take 4-6 weeks off. My athletic trainer helped me understand what was going on with my body and helped me get back to playing soccer sooner than predicted”.

Tristan, originally from the Seattle area, moved to Oregon to attend George Fox University’s athletic training program. Initially, she worked in the high school setting, but had always loved surgery. She then learned about athletic trainers working in the orthopedic physician setting and knew it was a role she would love to be in. She is thankful to have found a physician prior to joining O+F to take her on and teach her about the clinic and operating room settings. “I understand injuries so much better now and am a better athletic trainer both on the field and off because of it!”. Tristan was more than excited to be offered an opportunity at O+F because while she loves the clinic setting, she missed the opportunity to work on the field. “My favorite thing about O+F is the community involvement. I love that they have built such as strong presence within the community that I can also work various sporting events while representing this company.” Her passion will always be in the clinic and operating room, but O+F allows her the opportunity to “have it all”.

When she isn’t at work, she can be found on the sidelines of the Seahawks, working baseball for her alma mater, or hanging out with friends and family.

More About Tristan Fujita


Favorite movie: Any football or baseball movie
Favorite book: A Time to Kill
Why I live in Portland: I love the weather and how much there is to do! Plus it is only a quick journey to Seattle to see my mom and the Hawks
How I relax: Working baseball, or running community outreach events – I know it sounds like more work, but I love it.  I also like hanging out with friends and family or reading/listening to music
My favorite sports moment: Watching the Seahawks win Super Bowl 48 and the miracle comeback win of the NFC championship the following year
The worst injury I ever suffered: Getting tackled by a football player fracturing my tibial plateau, and partial tearing my PCL and MCL
When I’m not at work: I’m at Century Link watching my Hawks! Or playing with my little nephew, hiking, camping, hanging out with friends, or watching other sports
Best music to work out to: Pandora’s “Today’s hip hop and rap” station
I’d be lost without: My family and friends
Best advice I ever got: Never stop learning and growing.


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