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Medication Refills


If you are in need of a medication refill, please read the following instructions carefully:

  • Routine refills are handled during normal office hours on weekdays only.
  • If you need a medication refilled please contact your pharmacy. If there are refills left on your prescription, they will refill your medication automatically. If there are no refills left, they will send an electronic request to our office. Prescriptions forwarded to our office will generally be handled within 24 hours of the receipt of your pharmacy’s request. Please note that if there are questions regarding your prescription, this could cause a delay.
  • Most pain medications are available by written prescription only and will require you to come to the office to pick up the prescription. If this is the case, please contact our office to make necessary arrangements. Please be sure to give our office and the pharmacy at least 48 hours for pain medication refills.
  • If your insurance requires a prescription to be mailed to a specific pharmacy, please contact our office directly and speak with your physician’s medical assistant. They will need to know the specific medication, dosage, quantity and where to mail the prescription.
  • Occasionally, our physicians may determine that a follow-up visit or medication adjustment is needed before refilling the prescription at the pharmacy of your choice, if this is the case our office will be contacting you to discuss further.
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